Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bounty or Booty Call

Recently there was much ho-hum created around the IT raid at Porky and Katwoman’s residence. In some perverse way it brought some solace to my heart considering that its year end and I am running from pillar to post trying to furnish legitimate documents for the tax-man while the Big Daddy’s of the game float peacefully away in the bubbles over my head. Also in times when corruption is grabbing eyeballs it is nice to see people being brought to justice for their wayward actions. Anyways, let’s throw some light over the facts of the case as we know them. With Porky being such a successful actor I am sure the officials must be rubbing their hands in delight at the prospect of the bounty that they were about to uncover. So what is it that they did unearth? A Collie in precious little, rubbing sleep from his eyes. I suspect that it would take some serious bit of imagination to picture their faces on uncovering the booty…oops bounty I meant.
So the next day much is written about the IT raids at the residence of two leading actors. There is serious debate on whether Collie actually opened the door in his shorts or the domestic help did the honors. A million Indians raised their eyebrows and tut tutted. With the kind of publicity the lady in question was getting, Katwoman too decided to jump onto the bandwagon. Promptly a “news piece” was released with sources having cited a certain Beagle at Katwoman’s place just a few hours before the raid. Now, it must be noticed that while the presence of Mr Beagle was splashed about, great pains were taken to emphasize that he did not spend the night at the lady’s place and made way to his own abode JIT. The cunning Katwoman managed to steal the limelight away from her rival and yet managed to keep her modesty in place. What a wonderful game!

Oooops! Did I regress from discussing matters of national importance to ahem more colorful topics?