Thursday, November 1, 2012

Under the night's sky I lay                                                     
Thinking of my deeds during the day                                     
Same as I did when yesterday began                                      
Hoping to wake up a better man
Endless desert
Sun bearing harshly down
On donkey’s back
Door crack
Makes passage for
A sliver of light
Fading light
The silhouette of two lovers
Against the door
Early butterfly
Searching for flowers
Dances with snowflakes
Summer sky,
In the poppy fields
Children play
Dancing on the river
As lovers kiss
Baked Earth,
Petricore in the air
Raindrops bring
The result season has begun well
Indicating that the markets are about to swell
Due to liquidity induced romanticism
We have also shed our pessimism
2012 has begun on a good note
Have fear though
The markets seldom give one a chance to gloat!