Monday, March 15, 2010

Detox station

Jobs which have always served as a means to an end have now in addition become a constant source of stress. I have the "good fortune" of working in the financial services industry which shamelessly lures 25 somethings with 6 digit pay packets and sucks the life out of them. Being a victim of the famed industry I was pretty much filled to the brim with stress and politics and ego massaging of clients with psychological call options. So I decided to detox and de stress and de everything by taking off for the weekend to Singapore, where btw my sister is currently studying.
And what a panacea the trip proved to be.... all girls who have a sister wld know exactly what I mean. We (Aakanksha and I) painted the town during the day and partying during the night. We spent all of friday at Vivo City, buying the most gorgeous dresses and most of saturday on Orchard road window shopping at all the fancy fashion houses. Friday night met all of her college mates and chilled with them till the wee hours of the morning. Other than having a blast with her gang it also reminded me of the great times that I spent in business school where the word stress didnt really figure in my dictionary...The highlight of my trip was the afternoon that we spent at Orchard. We sat down to lunch at a pavement McDonalds and as we were sitting under the canopies it suddenly started raining. God it was so beautiful sitting there with my darling sister, gorging on burger and fries. It was the ultiate detox moment which we capped with yummy strawberry cheescake gelatos. Saturday it was Clarke Quay calling...we also managed to fit in a touristy Singapore river cruise:)...
Monday back to reality..back to work..back to the same old pace....with lingering thoughts of the weekend bringing a smile to me face :)

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